TNT, Atlantis, 2008

TNT - AtlantisFor many TNT are a legendary band, others have difficulty liking all the output. This because of all the quirkiness involved. They are often cited saying they hate to make the same album twice, and I can only agree with that.
Since original singer Tony Harnell (USA) left, his shoes are filled by UK singer Tony Mills. And while those shoes are pretty big, I feel Tony is the right guy for the job. Yet he is a busy man, involved in a lot of bands and projects, so overkill is always lurking.

Now on to the album. I have seen comments ranging from awful to great and I think I understand why. There are a lot of songs that show a big love for all things Beatles and Beach Boys. Partly put in a rock context, but still heavily influenced arrangement wise. While I think this brings us an album with a sound you haven´t heard much before, the band lost some others with this bold move.
Me, I can´t help smiling while listening to tracks like Hello Hello, Peter Seller´s Blues or Tango Girl. Great stuff if you ask me. A track like Me And Dad is just beautiful in any sense, and title track Atlantis is more into regular rock territory. Except maybe for the guitar solo that sounds a little odd, due to the pitching effects. But we all know that LeTekro likes stuff like that. Makes him stand out.

So I have only nice things to say about this. Okay, you need to have an open mind, and liking the references will obviously help too, but I dig this!