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To-Mera, Delusions, 2008

TO-MERA - DELUSIONSThis proved to be a difficult beast to review. While I like to think To-Mera are a bunch of gifted musicians, I struggle with the material on this CD.

For example, in the first song they jump from Gothic, to Progressive Metal to Jazz lounge (and back) within seconds. And yes, I am no stranger to musical adventure, but this approach asks a lot of the innocent listener. This stays the same throughout the disk. There are constant changes in style, in mood, in tempo, and so on. A lot of breaks and soloing as well.

It is obvious this band can play. But I for one wished they would decide on simplifying. This is just too much for my little brain. You have to be a very expierenced listener to enjoy the album as a whole. After a few spins only some fragments sounded recognizable and thus identifiable. So despite the sometimes wonderful 7 string guitar chops, the angelic voice (and appearance) of Julie Kiss (what´s in a name?), and the technical prowess, I think this is music for the experimental and the daring. For others this might be tiring.

Personal play tips: The Lie, The Glory Of A New Day, Inside The Hourglass.