Todd Griffin, 7 Days To The Sabbath, 2015

todd griffin - 7 days to the sabbathPretty hot on the heels of his previous CD, here already is a new one from former The Graveyard Train singer Todd Griffin. Still in the same The Black Crowes meets Tom Petty style. And this time the biography also mentions influences as Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Cougar Mellencamp. And the fact that David Crosby’s Almost Cut My Hair gets a redoing here might also serve as a reference. Or else the tribute to Jim Morrison (Doors) called Manchild.

But looking back on what I wrote in my previous post, I think I can repeat myself here. This is just very entertaining music, classic rock with a bit of a Southern flavour sometimes.  Opening duo No Love In America and Sundance Song are gold, but many, if not all other tracks here serve to proof all my positive feelings about this musician. Timeless melodies, great authentic vibe without sounding dated. Pure and honest. Yeah yeah, don’t bug me about not bringing something new to the table. If you want a new style, this is not the album for that. But if you enjoy songs that are delivered from the heart, add this to your list. I like this!