Todd Griffin, Mountain Man, 2015

todd griffin - mountain manReading the press info on this one really put a smile on my face: “continued music fusion of Black Sabbath meets Led Zeppelin with influences of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty and Neil Young”. Mhm, could be interesting. But how does it sound? In my humble opinion it is closer to The Black Crowes meeting Tom Petty actually. It has a bit of a Southern flavour to it, and shares the melodic sense that is always present in the Tom Petty catalogue.

So  this is not rocking hard, but more in classic rock territory. Todd used to lead The Graveyard Train and did the vocals for That 70’s song in its first season. But the last couple of years has seen him move away from the corporate music biz and take things into his own hands. And I must say, if this third release is anything to go by, we all might be the better for it.
Todd has a knack for writing songs that stick in your head so this 9 track album passes along like a summer breeze. His vocals shine and manage to reach out and grab you. It all feels very pure, honest and authentic. Which could explain why Mitch Perry (U.F.O.), Jorgen Carlson (Gov’t Mule) or Arlan Oscar (Joe Bonamassa) wanted to be involved.

Quite sure that many people will dig this stuff when it arrives in stores 2015-01-10!