Toehider, Mainly Songs About Robots, 2015

toehider - mainly songs about robotsTo start with the bad news, this is alas only an EP with 4 songs. Still clocking in at 24 minutes, it is prog after all.  Also I think this is one of the rare occasions where a Toehider album does not feature a front cover drawn by Salty. In case you are wondering, there’s a trademark picture on the inside of this digipack.
The good news is that this EP is from Toehider, with mad crazy funny guy and awesome guitar player and singer with an incredible range Mike Mills doing all. Oh no wait, somehow he has managed to trick none other than the mighty Vinny Appice to play drums! Not that Mike’s playing leaves much to be desired, but hey Appice is of course another league…

The music is #onlytoehider, so it features all the things I have come to love about the band. And that is not only because of a shared love for PRS guitars, this is very good and interesting music! Quirky dramatic hilarious and with jaw dropping musicality, so do yourself a favour and pick this thing up. I want more!!