Toehider, What Kind Of Creature Am I?, 2014

toehider - what kind of creature am iShould you ever be in need of a good laugh, or two, make sure you check out the videos that Toehider mastermind Michael Mills sets loose on all mankind. The man is absolutely hilarious! And even more, how many men can you name that can sing Wuthering Heights from Kate Bush in its original key? Let alone play some very mean guitar. It is clear Mike Mills is an outstanding talent!

So on to this crowd funded disk, with again the brilliant artwork from Andrew Saltmarsh. This is progressive in a true sense. This is Queen on acid, with parts of Dream Theater added, and some Vai or Satriani moments for good measure. Oh, and there is some mandolin and a grandiose orchestral section as well… How can one not be impressed by the tons of harmony vocals from low to ultra high, by wicked guitar parts and impossible drum patterns. And yet, it is so melodic that it is impossible to not like anything that is on offer here. From the craziness of Whatever Makes You Feel Superior, to the epic Meet The Sloth, this is genius at work!

For me easily one of the best albums of the year, so an essential purchase for anyone serious about the genre. And even if you are not sure you fall into that category, I urge you to go and check this out 🙂