Tohpati Bertiga, Riot, 2012

tohpati bertiga - riotIt is not always that the best guitar players out there, are the ones everybody has heard about. Proof in question is Tohpati a monster guitar player if ever there was one. Just listen to first minutes of album opener Upload and you know why. So it is a good thing a label like MoonJune invest in bringing talent like this to the fore. And okay, a label like jazz-rock – fusion – progressive rock will put some off. that is a shame because there is some serious fret abuse going on here. The trio (also with Indro Hardjodikoro on bass and Adityo Wibowo on drums) are sure out to make themselves heard.

Even if not all is put into recognisable melodies (this is again an instrumental album), every song on here is largely that. A song that is. So we do get riffs, breaks, and lines. And some shredding too. And not of that typical neo classical fodder we hear so much. No this is much more inventive and involves all three musicians as well. So perhaps that makes this a musicians band, though I am quite sure that anyone who is not afraid of technical prowess, likes fusion and grooves, should give this a try! And as Tohpati is involved in more bands and projects (I also heard Tohpati Ethnomission – Save the Planet from 2010), the website link is just a start to explore.


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