Tohpati, Tribal Dance, 2014

Tohpati - Tribal DanceThis time famous Indonesian guitar player Tohpati has teamed up with Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Chad Wackerman (drums) to deliver another fusion rock album on the MoonJune label. Not his first (read about another one here) and hopefully not his last either. I feel one of the main strengths of Tohpati is the ability to combine creative and recognisable themes, with improvisational parts and freakish soloing. All while never losing track of the identity of the song and thus leading us from one high to the next.
And of course it helps when you have such a powerful rhythm section of seasoned veterans on board. Together they create a synergy and energy that delivers ” a richly rewarding listening experience”. How true.

So whether it is the fast melodies of Rahwana, the slow big riff of Spirit Of Java, the groove (and mouth watering clean jazz chords) of Tribal Dance, or the time signature changes and gritty rhythms of Run that steal the show, this is the type of album that people who are not so keen on the genre, should start exploring. I am quite sure this has cross over potential, such is its power. Easy to like and still very valid on every level. What more recommendation do you need to pick this up?