Tonk, Ruby Voodoo, 2015

tonk - ruby voodooTo everybody saying that rock is dead, some words of advice. First is to go to Melodic Rock Records and buy this album there. When it arrives at your home, get everybody out, turn on your sound system and put the CD in. Set the volume to a loud level and put it on repeat. I bet your $ss that after several spins you will never ever say those dreaded words again!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, rock is very much alive and Tonk (they’re Aussies, don’t know what it means, it just sounds Down Under) are living proof.  This is dirty and in your face, with a raw energy that is impossible to resist and a groove that gets your blood pumping. Coming from the same corner of the planet that gave us AC/DC, you might be tempted to think they play a similar style, but that is not entirely true. Tonk put a little more metal in and their songs go beyond the standard Young boogie formats. Which only serves to make the songs even more interesting of course. A song like Last Goodbye has a great feel too and some clever arrangements.

Very impressed by this album, and you will be too, especially if you like your rock loud!