Touchstone, Mad Hatters (Enhanced), 2009

Touchstone - Mad HattersI have reviewed the other albums from this lovely English band before on this blog. Recently I have found out about this re-release from their 2006 debut.

As I am impressed with the quality of the band, I ordered the CD from the website and got it fairly quick.

So the question is, how do these songs hold up to the other titles? Well in all fairness, I think the Touchstone sound is already clearly audible, but not completely on the same level as later releases. Which is a natural thing.
Main point are the female vocals. I am not completely sure it is Kim Seviour, the booklet does not tell who did what (except for the live tracks). But these are less adventurous as on later albums. On these 4 songs the vocals of Rob Cottingham are more prominent. Song wise it still is easy digestible progressive music leaning towards neo prog. I like Misguided Fool and the title track best. The latter having a mid section reminding me heavily of Yes (era Starship Trooper), without it sounding like a copy.

Added are live tracks Original Sin and Dignity. Not mentioned in the booklet, but also present is the track Mad World (Tears For Fears) where mister John Mitchell makes a guest appearance.

To sum it up, a nice addition to any prog collection.