Touchstone, Wintercoast, 2009

touchstone - wintercoastIn a recent post I talked about the bands d├ębut. This follow up is in many ways the better record.

First: it rocks harder. The guitars are more upfront in the mix. And I like it!

Second: the 2 vocalists add more to each other on this record. Less duo vocals, more solo, but with counter singing. This really adds to the sound of the band. More freshness, more surprises. I like it.

Third: maybe because of the success of the first album the band seem more confident at what they do. The arrangements became even more adventurous, with some small influences from other styles of music. An average song on the album now lasts about 7 minutes. There are some short tracks, and the title track lasts a fine 10 minutes. Still they manage to keep it all together, with recognizable melodies. Like that a lot.

Alas there are 2 things they did I am not too keen on. There is a storyteller. Not much luckily enough, but that is just not my thing. And I feel the drums are a little too soft in the mix. But as I rated the first disk high already, I do feel this one is even better. Great job, get it if you like progressive rock on a somewhat harder edge.

Personal play tips: Wintercoast, Voices, Zinomorph.