Tragik, And We All Turn To Dust, 2010

tragik - we all turn to dustThis is the third release of Tragik, consisting of Phil Vincent on vocals, bass and keyboards, Damian D´Ercole on guitars and Dirk Phillips on drums. For those familiar with Phil and his projects, a cast of familiar names.

After playing this disk for several times, I feel it is one of Phil´s most adventurous releases so far. By now he has achieved an impressive back catalogue and yet there is room for progress. It is definitely hard rocking and melodic as always, but the keyboards play a larger role than before. There is also room for extended soloing (Can´t Find The words), and listening to that is no punishment considering the craftsmanship on display here.
What is nice to notice is the voice. Not only it is just like it keeps getting better and better, also on the production side experiments with panning, effects, backing vocals, etc. are put to good use.

Some details I feel can be improved are the sound of the drums / snare and the use of compressors. The drums sound triggered (you know, every beat is of the same sound and volume). I prefer a more organic feel. But as always, that is a matter of taste. Also at times (Giving In) it is just like one sound pushes another away a little. But that is a technical detail I am not sure will be picked up by many. And maybe it is intentional.

To  sum it up, another quality release that is very varied and entertaining. On the website several samples are available. Give it a listen, or better yet, buy it and support independent music!

Personal play tips: Jaded, At The Shore, Long Way From Home.


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