Tragik, Hunger, 2013

Tragik - HungerWithout a shadow of a doubt the artist most covered on these pages is mister Phil Vincent. Be it with Legion, solo, or one of his other projects. In this case we are talking about one of his more demanding bands Tragik. Besides Phil on vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards, we also find Dirk Phillips on drums and fellow D´Ercole band-mate Damian D´Ercole on guitars. And among the guitars players firing away some solo´s we find fellow Legion companion Vince O ‘ Regan. Who is rapidly becoming another usual suspect.

So the big question with all this output (2 to 3 cd´s per year seems average) is probably how to keep them all apart. After all, the voice is in all cases the same. Luckily it is a voice I like, especially when those wonderful vocal harmonies are added. For me Tragik sits a bit asides the others because keyboards play a more important role. And while melodies and big choruses are always important, the band never seem shy of exploring their more adventurous side. So where Giving Up is a straight rocker, Don´t Say A Word surprises with a keen use of keyboards in the verses and loud guitars in the chorus.
But there is more. What to think of a 12 minute track? The title Eye In The Sky might hint at Alan Parsons, musically this is a completely different animal. Starting on a piano in a pretty mellow tempo, the song keeps evolving. Tempos vary and parts exchange without the song losing identity. And thus proof of why Tragik are such an attractive addition to the Vincent roster.

Keep ´m coming Phil!