Tragik, Path Of Destruction, 2014

tragik - path of destructionIt took me a while to lay my hands on this Tragik album, but here it is! Tragik is the band where site regular Phil Vincent is joined by Dirk Phillips on drums and Damian D’Ercole (also in another Vincent fronted band, D’Ercole) on guitars. Other guests are Vince O’Regan (his buddy in Legion) on guitar solos and Eric Ragno plays keyboards on opening track Look At Me Now.

The first couple of songs actually made me think a bit of Legion. Very heavy and pretty straight forward rockers. Of course with Phil’s trademark melodic vocals and awesome vocal harmonies but still. And then we get Reflections (Walk Away) and that is such a beautiful song! Much more laid back, with acoustic guitar and synths, stunning! Also with a fine solo that has a more different feel that regular. This is more the Tragik I love so much. Because from all the bands that Phil is in, I regard Tragik as the one with the most experimental approach. Well maybe with the exception of Forest Field, but that’s another story.
A point that is proven by the next song, Lake Of Tears. A stunning 16 plus minutes in 5 parts! Nice peaceful opening with keyboards before the band kicks in, firing on all cylinders. Won’t talk you through the whole song though, find out for yourself. Just know there is a lot happening 😉

Great singing as usual, an album that grows with every spin, all in all another damn fine release by the band, get it!