Train, Drops Of Jupiter, 2001

Train - Drops of JupiterA little case of ‘ where have they gone’ , this band Train scored big with this 2001 output Drops Of Jupiter. The title track made it into our collective memory, so then one must be doing something right.

Been playing this album a lot while on the road, and it really is a beautiful album. Mostly laid back (for my taste), but a very cohesive effort with a lot of beauty in it. Did you ever pay attention to the string arrangement on the title track? Stunning!
And more songs on the album have that depth. Hey and there is even the odd guitar solo 😉 But this band is all about songs. And melody that demand your attention like honey attracts the bees. Produced by ace Brendan O’ Brien you can be sure it sounds alright also.

Totally deserved to be big, but just made me wonder what they have been doing since. Maybe the fact that I don´t listen to radio is troubling me? In case you can inform me, feel free to post a comment.

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