Trevor Rabin, Jacaranda, 2012

trevor rabin - jacarandaAfter playing this a couple of times I started realizing that this might be considered as a profile of all things Trevor Rabin has done so far. Starting out with hard rock, slowly getting more complex until landing in Yes playing symphonic rock and after leaving building a successful career in film music. So he does not have anything to prove.

And still he does just that. He proves he is still a very gifted guitar player that knows his way around various other instruments as well. But the guitar playing alone is just a testament of his immense talent. And like in his Yesterdays, he is still able to come up with colourful sounds as well! His accuracy is immense, just listen to Market Street.
He also proves he is able to write and perform in a variety of styles. From jazz, to rock to soundscapes, blues or ambient, he does it all. And you do not miss vocals at all. Mind you, he is a good singer as well, so this is a conscious move.

I can imagine some people will have a hard time taking this in. After all it is music meant to listen to. Not just some Muzak for elevators. But for me, this stuff is priceless and gives a great insight in the work of this gifted musician.  Lots of feel and stellar performances. Man, I feel a bit jealous…