Trillium, Alloy, 2011

Trillium - Alloy Out of the famed Gate Studios in Germany comes another (international) project, yet with several usual suspects. Anyone familiar with bands that are using the studio and it´s main occupants (producer Sacha Paeth, who also writes and plays guitars, etc, and the fabulous orchestrations of Miro) will also be familiar with singer Amanda Somerville. On initiative of Amanda, together with Sander Gommans, they have created this album. Another guest is the mighty Jorn Lande.

And with names like that on board you expect this album to be metal, with twists and turns, to sound heavy but clear and to be “good” to say the least. After listening to this several times I can confirm Trillium delivers on all fronts. I have heard Amanda before (her singing is matched by her looks) and it is a real joy how she managed to let all her vocal possibilities come to the fore. From almost screaming to whisper soft, the music matches her. So within the actually short songs (3-5 minutes) a lot is happening.

Still there is never a feeling of a lack of vision. All is done with purpose and held together with ease. These musicians are all far to experienced to let things slip out of their hands. So the simple advice is that if you know (some of) the names mentioned, this is a save buy. A wonderful album that keeps getting better on repeated play.