Twin Within, Horizontal Lines, 2015

twin within - horizontal linesAnd here we have another somewhat lighter release! I was attracted by Bernie, which proves to be the second song on this disc. With 8 songs clocking in at 30 minutes this might be considered an EP by some, but I guess Steven McKay and Alex Samaras prefer quality over quantity. Also worth mentioning is that this was recorded in an Ontario Church and besides the duo there are guests on strings, flutes and saxophone.

But back to the music. I am tempted to say that Simon and Garfunkel must be a source of inspiration for the guys. This because of their voices blending so nicely together and because of the limited musical accompaniment. Also a bit of The Beach Boys came to mind.
But that song Bernie stands firm and impresses every time I hear it. Great melodies and ideas, and in my humble opinion deserves to become a huge hit for them. Luckily for us it does not end there. This album is a delight from start to finish. Every song counts and shows a keen ear for melody and a creative force to write accessible and attractive music without becoming mind dumbing boring as often is the case within the pop domain. And on a track like Faraway Car Rides they prove to be able to expand arrangements into almost a classical feel as well.

Very impressed by this, and you will be too if you dare to give it a listen. Which you should!