Umphrey´s McGee, The Bottom Half, 2007

umphrey´s mcgee - the bottoThere are some things in life you just cannot prepare for. For instance, let´s take this double disk. The band had been showing off and on on my musical radar but managed to somehow slip away every time. Some time ago my eye was caught by this one, and as it was cheap, I thought “what the heck” and bought the thing. Finally came around to give it a spin and found myself captured immediately. I think I must have held my breath for ages, such was the impact.

So been reading the booklet and found out it was a collection of leftovers… Man, how good are their regular albums gonna proof? So I am a bit overwhelmed here, seems I have been missing out on a very good band. Which brings me to the obvious question, why am I so attracted to this album?

Well for starters it is undoubtedly intelligent music with quality players, yet manages to avoid sounding clever. Does that make sense? It is mainly the numerous styles and changes which all sound effortlessly and still the songs have a charm I find difficult, if not impossible to resist. Songs can groove, they can rock, they play fusion typed licks, they use various instruments and sometimes even shred the hell out of it.
To sum it up, I could be jealous for what is brought to me here, but in reality I just want to visit a shop and buy all their albums. Never knew what a Jam band was, but if this is the average level, I am a fan. Man, this is good stuff!