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Under The Sun, Schematism, 2005

under the sun - schematismThe subtitle of this release is ” On Stage with”  and that tells it all really. I am not quite sure how many albums Under The Sun has released, but to my best knowledge there is at least one studio album besides this release. Been long since I listened to the band, so it was nice to revisit the music.
Recorded live at Nearfest in 2001, the quartet from which bass player Kurt Barabas and singer and guitarist Chris Shryack are best known, deliver a terrific performance with a surprisingly good sound.

Opener Tracer is a mid tempo rocking progressive track with some nice guitar solo´s and catchy vocal lines. Perfect World proves a bit more complex. More into World Trade territory. Not a bad reference if you ask me. Songs are ranging from 5 to 13 minutes and the band prove skilled musicians and seasoned song writers.
I don´t know what the actual status of the band is, but I fear they enjoyed too little success to carry on. Which is a pity as I really like their kind of melodic progressive rock. The website is still alive (and confirms my guess at the discography)