Unruly Child, Worlds Collide, 2010

unruly child - worlds collideThis must be one of the easiest CD´s to write some words to. Unruly child is of course the band with Guy Allison (keyboards) , Bruce Gowdy (guitars) and singer extraordinaire Mark Free. Their debut is legendary among the melodic rock crowd.
Yet after the change of Mark into Marcie, she understandably disappeared from the scene. Unruly Child released some more albums, but alas not with the same success I suspect.

But all of that has changed as Marcie has returned to the spotlight, with besides Gowdy and Allison, with Jay Schellen on drums and Larry Antonio on bass. And you know what, the VOICE is still there. So anyone familiar with the band, or with another Mark Free act like Signal, this is a no-brainer: buy on sight!
And if you don´t know the band or the singer, but are into melodic (hard) rock: buy on sight! Or if you want to hear how one of the best rock voices ever sounds: buy on sight!

So that should clear things up. This is a stunning album from a stunning team. Welcome back and please keep it together…


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