Uriah Heep, Celebration, 2009

uriah heep - celebrationDespite being the guitar player in Chinawhite, I am quite fond of the Hammond organ. Some reviewers of our latest album found that out to their disstress ;P. Therefore it is not strange that I like bands like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. The latter we had the privilege of opening for, for a few years back. Still a great band with lots of playing pleasure.

The disk on offer here contains rerecorded versions of their classics and 2 new songs. These fit in nicely with classic titles like Gypsy,  Stealin, or Easy Livin´.

You may ask yourself; do we need this? My answer would be yes! I think it is great to hear the voice of Bernie Shaw on these timeless songs. Of course, you can hear this live as well (and make no mistake, their recent studio output is absolutely relevant!), but I feel they have succeeded in translating these songs into their current line up. That means only little change when compared to the original, but still sounding as convincing as need be.
And who´s complaining when the songs at hand are this good…

I bought the special edition, which also holds a live DVD, but I have yet to watch that. But I guess I already know what to expect. Though it will be nice to see “new” kid Russel Gilbrook hammering away on the drumkit.