Uriah Heep, Outsider, 2014

uriah heep - outsiderOne of my favourite bands of all time have released another album, last years’ Outsider. And while some bands are good because they keep evolving, Heep are good because you always know what you are going to get.

Okay, this might be the first album to feature new bass player Dave Rimmer (RIP Trevor Bolder), all the band typicals are present. Guitar and wah solos by wizard Mick Box, screaming hammonds by Phil Lanzon, steady beats from fairly new boy Russell Gilbrook, trademark vocal harmonies from the whole band and the familiar pipes of lead singer Bernie Shaw. And like in every live show they play, where ever in the world, the energy is still there, in loads. Which is probably the short and most important reason for their continued presence and welcome, even after 45+ years of recording and touring. Be it for 400 or 40.000, they always give their all.

So a safe buy and no need to elaborate on the eleven songs on offer here. This is vintage Heep, this is rock, this is as valid as their 1970 debut. Respect and love, may they continue for years to come!