Uriah Heep, Salisbury, 2003 Expanded

Uriah Heep - SalisburyOriginal released in 1971, this is the second Heep album. As with all their expanded and de-luxe editions, the CD features extensive liner notes and in this case 7 bonus tracks.

First on to the album itself. For me it is worth it´s price alone because of the presence of Bird Of Prey and Lady In Black. Essential Heep stuff with a special tip of the hat to the vocals. Oh Ah!
But the title track is no mean feature either. With it´s 16 minutes plus, it is a real adventure. The arrangement with it´s brass and woodwind shows the band is not afraid to expand their game. A bold move for a second release and a testament to the writing abilities within the band.

The bonus tracks are compiled of alternate takes of  5 of the album tracks and 2 other recordings. Among the alternate takes are single edits for Salisbury and High Prestess that never were released. Also included are a US album version of Simon The Bullet Freak and the track Here I Am. At the time it was omitted due to time restrictions of the LP.

Slowly I am completing my Heep discography. With these editions it is a pleasure! (okay, it would also be if it were just the original albums)