Valentine, Bizarro World, 2014

valentine - bizarro worldNot so long ago I featured the CD of Aniday, where Robby Valentine plays an important role, but at almost the same time a new solo album was released. And it is a good thing we are treated to more original songs from this Dutch talent. As the last couple of years have seen him mainly focus on releasing his take on a number of Queen songs. Which is in all honesty not a bad thing either.

But still, the man has a knack for writing melodic rock songs with a twist that will appeal to a large audience, should they invest the time to check this out. Besides Queen, I think the work of Muse has become important in the musical interest of Valentine. At least, that name popped up listening to this. And again, I don’t mind at all as these bands are very welcome in my collection.

Because all seem to root in music that is equally melodic and recognisable, but also with enough musical variation (read some crazy almost prog like arrangements) to last for longer that just the odd couple of spins. This has of course always been part of Valentine’s sound and this album is no exception to that rule. Which makes this a must buy for anyone that likes his previous output or is a fan of the bands already mentioned.  With a pedigree like this quality is never a discussion. This sounds big and hits home on all levels. Get it!