Vandenberg’s Moonkings, Self Titled, 2014

vandenberg´s moonkingsFor me it is a pleasure to welcome Adrian Vandenberg (Vandenberg, Whitesnake and Manic Eden), back to the front. Accompanied by some young local guns, this is his first output in many years. And no, this is not earthshaking new music, but rather plays to the strengths of all involved. And you should already know that Adrian is one hell of a guitar player. But the rest of the guys sound very confident as well. Singer Jan Hoving sounds  like a cross of a young Robert Plant with David Coverdale and surely leaves his marks on the songs.

And with those references we also come close as to how this sounds. It is a bit of old Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin en Manic Eden styled bluesy hard rock, that because of the use of female backing vocals actually comes close to The Black Crowes at times. It has groove, little time is wasted to deliver us some catchy choruses and along the line Vandenberg proves we may not have heard him play in a long time, but he sure as hell did not lose any of his fantastic phrasing and feel. Whether playing his riffs of his solos. So I don’t mind it sounding the way it does, I’d rather listen to great songs, performed by great musicians, then listen to some thrown together influences that do not touch me on any level. I say welcome back, and please do not keep us waiting another 15 years!