Vanderbuyst, Same, 2010

Vanderbuyst - sameAnyone missing the days of old? When hard rock and metal was big? When bands could actually play and focussed on writing songs with melody? When guitar and drum solo´s were standard? And the sound of an album was honest, no silly effects, no over the top mastering, 92 tracks of audio and so on?
Then this is your lucky day, as Dutch Power trio Vanderbuyst has released just the record to make you revisit your favourite times!

Yes dear people, this is straight in your face hard rock with no frills. And the sound that brings you back to the times when you was young (or else you wouldn´t have those memories, or?). And while at first play I thought they could do with a bigger production, later it hit me that this is just the right sound for this music!

Album opener To Last Forever already shows what a craftsmanship is present within the band. Guitarist Verbuyst is easily a contender for best player in 2010 and his licks and solo´s here are stunning to say the least. Throughout the album there are little to no overdubs, so you get drums, bass, guitar and vocals. All this to prove that this band will command any stage and raise the roof. And if you need more convincing, they included 2 live tracks, of which one is an eleven minute cover of UFO´s Rock Bottom. Buy on sight or visit every online retailer until you own it…

The only downside is the album´s length, lasting almost 40 minutes. I WANT MORE!!