Vanderlinde, Southbound Train, 2015

Vanderlinde - Southbound TrainDutch singer Arjen Van der Linde has been featured here a couple of times before. And even though it seems that, over the years, his music has become less rock and more mainstream, there is no denying that this has not detracted from his artistic integrity. If anything, it seems a progression, to convert ideas and lyrics into songs that speak more easily to the listener.

Opener Katie Lee is a great example, catchy melodies, good story, should be a hit if there is any justice left in the world. Also there seems to be a more broader spectrum in his songs nowadays. In Your World would feel at home in a country album, Oh America opens with a chilling violin arrangement before the acoustic guitar and his voice take centre stage, accumulating in another goosebumps moment. Miss Molly, the first single, is an upbeat pop rock song of which the melodies stay in your head for days. Safe to say that Arjen, again with the help of famed producer Erwin Musper, has come up with another batch of great songs.

So dear reader, every reason why you should check in on this album is valid. This is darn good and will appeal to a whole lot of people, and not only to the East of my border!