Vanderlinde, Vanderlism, 2009

vanderlinde - vanderlismThis Dutch trio operates in classic rock mode. They got some assistance from famous Dutch producer Erwin Musper and recorded 2 songs in his studio in the USA. But most of the recording and mixing was done in Germany.

The name is from singer, bass player and songwriter Arjan van der Linde. I can’t tell much of their history, as this is the first time I heard from them. So on the the album.

First song is a little reminiscent of Nickelback, mainly because of the steady riff used. Later on it becomes clear the classic rock tag is right. Sometimes acoustic guitar playing can be heard. But mainly electric guitar, bass, drums and vocals. And whilst Arjan has no bad voice, I do feel he can develop a little more. It will only make his delivery stronger. Maybe some whiskey and smoking to raw it up a bit ;-). Same applies to the songs, no filler, but little killer as well.
All in all a very solid release. Enough variation and feel. It is evident the band believe in what they do as the delivery is flawless and spot on. For fans of classic rock, I believe you can´t go wrong with this. I am curious how they will develop. For now congratulations!

Personal play tips: She´s Rock ‘n’  Roll, Unconcealed, Killing The Man.


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