Various, Prog NL, 2011

PROG NLHonouring 10 years of the Dutch website, the progwereld team asked 10 Dutch bands to (re)record a song with Dutch lyrics. Thus giving the term ” going Dutch” a new meaning 😉 While there have been bands in the past doing this (my personal  favourite being Het Goede Doel), in progressive rock this is a rare happening.
So with this in mind, I was indeed curious to find out how this album would sound. Some of the artists involved I did not know, and from others I had not yet heard something I liked.

And I must admit, it is strange hearing this music with Dutch lyrics. In my humble opinion not every band succeeded in making it sound natural. On the other hand, some are very good and sounding very convincing. The best being the song Tijdlijn from Nice Beaver. I guess that will sound awesome in any language.
Other nice tracks are Leap Day with Half Mens Half Machine, 21 Eyes Of Ruby with Vleugellam (beautiful piano), Harvest with De Stille Zwerver and Bruud Pitt with Twijfel. Also The Aurora Project and Knight Area delivered the goods (as we already know they can).

Of course this is a matter of taste. Others will find other favourite tracks on this. And bottom line is that one gets used to the language. So even foreign listeners will be able to enjoy the music for what it is. But better hurry, quantities are limited.