Vengeance, Soul Collector, 2009

vengeance - soul collectorThings have never been quiet in the Vengeance camp, especially regarding line up. And this album is no exception to the rule. So out goes Hans in ´t Zandt (still playing drums on 8 out of 11 tracks!) and in comes Erik Stout. Same with guitar players, now they have recruited Jan Somers´ son Timo.

But this is about music and less about personnel. The voice of singer Leon Goewie is still instant recognizable. If you have always liked him, no worries then. The band have always used outside writers (former member Arjan Ayreon Lucassen comes to mind) en here they secured the help of amongst others Michael Voss, Matt Sinner and Paul Sabu.

First track Cross In The Rain really kicks in after a short intro and shows Vengeance is still not out to take prisoners. The party styled metal of the boys continues seamlessly into the next tracks. Thanks to the skills of Michael Voss everything sounds great and the guitars really rock hard. Truth be told, with this band you know before hand what you are gonna get, especially live. And it is hard to pinpoint why, but I do feel this record outdoes previous CD Back In The Ring.
So a save buy for anyone into quality hard rocking metal.

Personal play tips: if you like the first few tracks, you will dig the rest as well.