Veni Domine, Light, 2014

veni domine - lightSomehow I was under the impression that after their third album Spiritual Wasteland (1998), Veni Domine had no longer been active. Yet I just found out they have been making the occasional album since, with Light being their seventh. After a 7 year radio silence I might add. Not sure about the availability of their older work though, since most albums were released by small record companies.

First the music. Little change to what I know about them from the past. This is still melodic progressive metal with emphasis on songs and melody and not technique. Probably why some label them as a power metal or doom band. The core of the band are still singer Fredrik Sjöholm, lead guitarist Torbjörn Weinesjö and drummer Thomas Weinesjö. Now they have Olov Andersson on keys and Klas Petterson on bass.

Fredrik sings in a kind of dramatic style. He has no problem with lower registers, but also can rise to a higher pitch, where he starts to resemble a young Geoff Tate by the way. Queensryche might also be a bit of a reference, although VD use more keyboards and are less metal. I think it is a pity they have become a cult band. Maybe because of the lack of constant releases or too little press attention, I don’t know. What I do know is that I liked the band back in the day, and feel that this is still of the same level and quality. Easy to like! One of the songs on the album is the track Where The Story Ends, and if you follow the link to their website, you are redirected to their facebook page. Where a message says that have called it quits and will be putting the band to sleep… So show them so love and buy the thing, they deserve it!


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