Vienna Ditto, Circle, 2015

vienna ditto - circlesThis has been playing a lot lately here at the office,  and I must say, this is a very intriguing album. Again a duo, consisting of Hatty Taylor (vocals) and Nigel Firth (instruments). The press sheets talks of trip hop, but I think calling this a combination of pop and rock, enhanced with electronica, comes pretty close. Even if only because I don’t happen to know what trip hop is 😉

There is no denying that opening song Oh Josephine has that instant hook that popular radio wants. And taking less than 4 minutes to deliver its catchy melodies makes for an ideal single candidate. Next up is This Is Normal and this also has a brooding electronic sphere over a pop rock format with guitars. A bit “fucked up” indeed. Hatty’s voice is suited well for this sound, she sounds so innocent at times, yet manages to creep under your skin. Wintertime is a slow song with a more vintage sound, something like a Rhodes or so is playing a major part but again it is hard to not listen.

I could go on about this album, but I will just say this, if you want to make sure you do not miss the birth of something special and pretty unique, you need to get up and make sure you discover this band and album. Compliments for delivering such a confident and catchy work that still sounds fresh!