Vindictiv, World Of Fear, 2015

vindictiv - world of fearStill have a lot of catching up to do with all the Melodic Rock Records releases from 2015, and then it does not help when they get lost in the mail… But Andrew is not one to give up easily, so here we have the latest Vindictiv making the rounds in the player. Vindictiv is the brainchild of guitar player Stefan Lindholm, who must be heavily influenced by one Yngie Malmsteen… Together with aces Mark Boals on vocals, Nalle Pahlson on bass, Marco Minneman on drums and Pontus Larsson on keyboards and some guests, he created this 11 track 55 minute metal attack.

This is one of those albums that, when you start playing it, sounds a bit pale, yet, when you hang in, slowly reveals its true nature. Of course metal of this type will thrive on solos. And they come fast and furious on both guitar and keys. But in the end, for me, it are the songs that must make it worthwhile. And we get a couple of beauties on this CD. Personal favourites being Day, that has a very memorable melody and arrangement, Paralyzed, with it’s half time groove in the verse, and the title track with it’s great melodies from both guitar and the chorus.
No need to worry about performance here, all top notch. And with buying this you will not only support, as well as give more artists the chance to get their music heard. All worthy of your time and money!