Violet Sun, Loneliness In Supremacy, 2011

violet sun - loneliness in supremacyViolet Sun are a new name, but main songwriter and instrumentalist Dario Grillo (guitars, vocals, synths, bass, etc.) is far from the new kid on the block. Together with (his brother?) Allesandro on drums and the talented Alexandra Amata on vocals and piano, the trio surprise with a heavy power rock album that is firmly influenced by the Progressive and Gothic scene. And again brought to us by the MelodicRockRecords label. From all the recent reviewed releases by that label, by far the most complex and heavy outfit, proving that MRR is going to delve in deep in the rock scene to bring us quality music.

And while the albums’ title might suggest that they stand alone in this, I do think Violet Sun are a welcome addition to the roster of bands operating in this field. I have said before that it is hard to write original sounding songs and that it is best to deliver quality and develop over time. Here again, an unique angle is not present.
That is not saying this is a copycat. I do think the band came up with 12 songs that are worth listening to. Melodic, complex at times, well produced with a lot of power. And the vocal interplay between Alexandra and Dario works well. The occasional classical sounding choirs add a lot of drama to the sound. Something I tend to like by the way. So if the mentioned genres tickle your interest, again something worth picking up! And you are supporting a young label as well….