Virgin Steele, The Black Light Bacchanalia, 2010

virgin steele - the black light bacchanaliaVirgin Steele are a band who pay very much attention to their lyrics.  David Defeis (vocals, bass, keyboards and orchestrations) has a healthy interest in history and is able to convert that into (concept) albums. So maybe you’ll learn something here as well 😉

For anybody not familiar with the band (that island must have been a far off place), I will try to describe the style. First Defeis sings surprisingly soft and uses a lot of backing vocals. This gives the heavy music a pretty unique sound. Maybe an acquired taste, but he always keeps things melodic. The music as said is heavy, with fierce drumming (double kick), and loud guitars. Added are big orchestrations to give it more of a progressive feel.
Together this all blends into an identifiable sound that is instant. The downside is that you are tempted to think that it wont matter to what album you listen. I prefer the upside of it, you know what you are gonna get and the result I always find highly entertaining.

So get out of your chair and start checking them out. If not this one, then at least try the House Of Atreus albums.


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