Virus, Memento Collider, 2016

virus - memento colliderAlas I did not get any information from Karisma Records concerning this album. So at first I will just assume that this is a Scandinavian band. When looking for the website that was confirmed, Norway is the land of origin.
On my computer the player labels it as avant garde. Mhm, what to expect?

Well, after a couple of listens I think I get that label. To my ears this sounds like a cross between eighties gothic wave from for instance Sisters Of Mercy, coupled with the inventive rhythmic structures and fairly clean guitar sounds of German prog band Sieges Even. The 6 songs, with a total playing time of 45 minutes, go all over the place and yet, somehow my attention stays with the music and is not wandering off to far away lands. They have managed to make it all work!

So while I can imagine this will not be everybody’s cup of tea, I admire the musicianship and the unique identity of this band. The result is as intriguing as the artwork. Die hard prog lovers (of the truly discovering kind) need to check this out!