Volte, Self Titled, 2019

volte - sameBasically consisting of Korey Ross (guitars and compositions) and Carter Lane (singer and lyricist), Volte has released their debut independently. I have been listening lots and lots to this album the last couple of weeks. And it is one of those albums that gets better with every play.

A great singer who is able to deliver catchy melodies, powerful riffs, and damn tasty guitar solos. In all honesty I do recall that I wasn’t all that convinced at first listen. But like I said, over time, the album proved its worth. I did find that opener Fire Away, with it’s spoken intro, is a bit of a strange way to lure listeners in. To me, that spoken word does not add much, especially since the song itself is a better way to get familiar with the band. Because lovers of melody and or competitive guitar solos will get a lot of what they like on this album.  Many songs on here have hit quality if you ask me. Just listen to tracks like The Weekend, Burn The Ships, Hostage or Breathe, and you will hear what I mean.

And a bonus is that the album is varied, with enough mood changes to keep you interested. So they stay far away from being a one trick pony.

For an album that mixes grunge influences with more contemporary rock styles, this is very convincing and an album that deserves a big audience!