Vonassi, The Battle Of Ego, 2010

vonassi - the battle of egoAnyone remember progressive rock / metal band Event? Their name popped up while listening to this CD by Vonassi. And while Event maybe were a little more experimental in approach and arrangement, Vonassi have created that same level of musicianship that reaches out and grabs your attention.

The beauty is, Vonassi are a three piece with 2 members (Jeff Vaughn – drums and Vince Buonassi – bass) also performing all other instruments except for the lead guitars who are handled by singer Chase Carter.  This could result in a fragmented piece of work, but that isn´t the case here. Despite all the ideas and moods, the songs are very cohesive and make you keep hitting the repeat button.

The Battle Of Ego contains that kind of progressive music that is hard to label. At times rock, sometimes metal, a lot of depth and variation. Expert musicians, great clear sound. All is kept together by the excellent vocals and melodies of Chase. I feel they transcend this album beyond it´s initial complexity and enslave the innocent and unaware listener. So I´d better warn you, heavy addiction risk here!

Personal play tips: this is best enjoyed as a whole.