Voodoo Vegas, The Rise Of Jimmy Silver, 2013

Voodoo Vegas - The Rise of Jimmy SilverDo you miss the Guns ´n Roses of back in the day? The time when they actually delivered and rocked everybody´s socks off? Well, then maybe I can point you to this English outfit with the apt name Voodoo Vegas. The fourth of March has seen their album The Rise Of Jimmy Silver released on Cargo and it has been making regular rounds in my CD-player lately.

The Guns ´n Roses reference is not only because of the style of rock they play, also the voice of Lawrence Case is reminiscent of that of one A. Rose. Just hope he is less of a basket-case 😉 Anyway, with added influences of bands like AC/DC and some more Badlands like moments this is an entertaining albeit short disk. After all, 11 songs (short intro and an interlude included) and 34 minutes is even under LP length…

But that has not stopped them from kicking the proverbial butt. Blues infused hard rock, best listened to loudly. Then you will certainly get the most out of it, even on the more thoughtful moments. Because besides rockers like King Without A Crown or No More, we are also treated to acoustics in What I Pay and some real life drama in Lost In Confusion. There is some room for improvement though, a bit more tightness here and there would not hurt, but overall I just want the next disk to arrive soon and be longer, I want more!