W.E.T., same, 2010

W.E.T. - sameWith W.E.T. being short for the bands Work Of Art, Eclipse and Talisman, you can be sure that this is another Frontiers Records hyped project. And the trouble with hype is, what can you believe about it?

Well in this case we can enjoy the combined effort of Robert Sall, Erik Martensson and the mighty Jeff Scott Soto from the bands mentioned earlier, with Jeff singing most of the leads and the others playing and writing. If you are familiar with the past of set musicians, than you will also know what you get here. And after listening to this a number of times I must admit I understand the hype. Again an ensemble of songs that hit home. Great playing and singing (little worries about that one) but it are the melodies and arrangements that set the bar. And the bar is high indeed. Maybe a couple of songs that are a bit on the safe side, but all in all this is an inspirational body of work.

So if you missed it when it came out but consider yourself a fan of the genre and or the people participating: do yourself a favour and buy the damn thing pronto!