Walking With Kings, Self Titled, 2012

walking with kingsSome names behind this band are more known than others, but the origin of this new band lays with the so far unknown Terry Chism (singer / keyboards) making contact with Stuck Mojo and Fozzy guitar player Rich Ward (whose solo venture The Duke – My Kung Fu Is Good I also really like). Other band members come from nearby, with Stuck Mojo and Fozzy drummer Frank Fontsere and Simon Farmery (Pride, Furyon and… Fozzy!) on bass. Now Stuck Mojo is an unknown entity to me (yet – please forgive me), so I can´t really tell how close this is. But since TC reckons Steve Perry, Bryan Adams and Michael Sweet to his musical greats, I think it is a pretty safe bet to say this is a far more melodic outing. Yet this is no Journey or Stryper clone.

It may be bold, but these guys are just too good to be copycats. This is melodic hard rock yes, with emphasis on a positive message (read on the website where Chism comes from), but it is too damn good to ignore. Some may hesitate because of the references to Christian Music. For me, this is an true uplifting album with inspired playing, catchy songs, with more balls than the average melodic rock album, and still succeeding in avoiding the obvious routines. And the best thing is, for now they are giving it away free! Just head on over to their website, and make sure their name is heard. This deserves a big crowd and your support to start with!