Waltari, You Are Waltari, 2015

waltari - you are waltariDon’t know about you, but I like bands that are not afraid to experiment, combine the most unlikely of genres, and or add humour to what they are doing. And the good thing about Waltari is they do all that. Or as main man Kärtsy Hatakka (singer, bass, keyboards) puts it “the only rule is that there are no rules”.

Yes, core of the music is rock / metal with a link to prog, but don’t be afraid to get metal country, metal dubstep or metal latin served. Maybe that is down to the fact that on this album there is not really one band operating. Each of the 14 songs sees another combination at work, with the link being Hatakka.
And where this in some occasions would result in a patchy body of work, not so in this case. If anything, this modus operandi resulted in an album that is filled to the brim with infectious grooves, high on energy and punch. And surprisingly melodic as well. This is really an impressive creative melting pot. Perhaps not for those who like their music to carry one simple tag, but in a way this is crossing boundaries and thus truly progressive.

A very pleasant surprise from French label Bad Reputation / Rodeo Star and essential listening for anyone who claims to have an open mind regarding music or with a knack for real progressive metal.