Whitesnake, Starkers In Tokyo, 1997

whitesnake - starkers in tokyoThis is labelled as a Whitesnake album, but in reality it is just singer David Coverdale and guitar player Adrian Vandenberg playing 10 tracks to a room of people in Tokyo.

So all you get are a voice and an acoustic guitar. But what a voice. Coverdale singing the way we like him to. Full of emotion, genuine. No screaming here. Very warm, very enticing.

And what a guitar player Vandenberg still is. Please check out the albums he made with the band of the same name. His renditions of tracks like Sailing Ships, or Soldier Of Fortune (the only Deep Purple track) are as fabulous as CoverdaleĀ“s vocals.

A nice touch is that, although having established a long lasting writing partnership at the time, Vandenberg hardly made it to regular Whitesnake albums due to carpal channel syndrome. Costed him several years to kick that.

This is a wonderful and moody album for special occasions. Classy stuff, so no personal play tips.