Wicked Temptation, Seein´Ain´t Believin´, 2010

wicked temptation - seein ain´t believinThis is another band my dear friend and drummer extraordinare Hans in ´t Zandt is participarting in. He´s building up quite a back catalogue this way.

From to word go this is melodic hard rock and it sure kicks ass! In the guitar department the influence of Zakk Wylde is obvious. Lots of overtones and heavy riffing here. Another reference might be the Sykes era of Whitesnake. The band managed to write compact tunes with a good ear for memorable choruses. It is catchy, but they did their best to avoid all too much predictability. And succeeded. Due to a lot of  “four on the floor” the rhythms are pounding their way straight into your system. Gotta love that!

I just happen to know that mastermind Peter Wagner likes his Status Quo from time to time, but very little boogie here. This is in your face melodic mainstream metal with a singer with a convincing and a little raw voice. And lots of backing vocals of course ;-). There is a ballad at hand also. At least some kind of me thinks.

My only, but small critisism, is that sometimes the riffs seem not totally in sync with the drums. At least that´s how I feel.  But don´t let me steer you away from this release. If great soloing, riffing and melody are your thing, pick up a copy!

Personal play tips: Money, Liar, Children.


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  1. Danke. Gewoen ff om te probere. Ving ut wel leuk om te doon. En de wets noets wie un koe unnen haas vangt…

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