Wine Guardian, Timescape, 2021

front cover wine guardianAnother Italian prog band, but coming more from a metal perspective, when compared to my previous post about Karmamoi.

Wine Guardian are a 3 piece whose music can be regarded as a mixture of Opeth, Porcupine Tree, Fates Warning and Savatage. This is their second full length, after releasing their debut EP in 2014. This is however my first encounter with them.

Somehow the sound (mainly based on their respective instruments guitar, bass and drums) reminded me of a Dutch band, Syrinx (from 1994….), especially where Lorenzo Parigi sings over rocking parts. In more mellow / melodic sections, that comparison disappears. Anyway, a very enjoyable 7 track album (over 50 minutes) with loads of riffs, breaks, solos, and an overall energetic feel. All 3 members provide backing vocals, resulting in songs that are diverse, yet melodic.

Would not mind hearing more of them!