Wishbone Ash, 2 remasters, 2018

WISHBONE-ASH-Twin-BarrelsWISHBONE-ASH-Raw-To-The-BoneTwo not so typical Wishbone Ash albums have been released with the “remastered and definitive editions” treatment.

On Twin Barrels Burning (1982), we find Trevor Bolder (Spiders From Mars, Uriah Heep) on bass and vocals. This besides regulars Andy Powell, Laurie Wisefield (both guitar and vocals) and Steve Upton (drums). The regular album holds 3 bonus tracks, bringing the total up to 12 tracks. The second disc features the album, yet with the American remixes. Even when in my mind the original sounds much more American when compared to, say, Argus. 🙂
Since I never heard these albums before, I think they are a solid testament of their time. Still some great songs on it, especially Hold On.

Next one is Raw To The Bone from 1985. The original 10 songs got company from no less than 5 bonus songs, recorded in 1986! The second disc holds 2 live performances with 8 tracks in total, recorded by the BBC. On bass and lead vocals we now get Mervyn ‘Spam’ Spence, whose phenomenal range gives an even more commercial rock vibe to the songs. (The bonus tracks are with Brad Lang on bass and Phil Palmer instead of Wisefield on guitar).

Guess it is safe to say it were trying times for the band, but on their own the albums hold up pretty good in my opinion. Nothing shocking, but then again, I did not grow up with these (you cannot have all). It rocks, and you will always find at least a couple of songs that tickle your fancy…

The fact they are still around, is  proof of their will to survive.