Witchers, Self Titled, 2015

WitchersWitchers are an alternative rock band from Norwich UK, and this is their debut. As influences they cite The Mars Volta, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, various prog rock bands and I think I want to add Muse (due to the timbre of singer Simon Yaxley). Phew, that are a lot of names to let sink in, so we’d better head on to the music.

And I must say, this has turned out to be a very pleasant acquaintance with the band. And for a first, this sounds remarkably confident and balanced. And while the alternative and prog influences are surely there, the band have succeeded in creating an album that is far from unnecessarily complicated or strange. It is actually pretty easy to digest, without being flat or predictable. No small accomplishment, even if I know little to nothing of the age and background of the band. The music manages to really capture you. It raises tension of a pleasant kind, it seduces and it surprises. Lot’s of things happening in the arrangements, but it is all about the song and the delivery, never about showing off.

So a lot of positive things to say about the band and the album, which makes it really easy to heartily recommend you go check them out!