Xadu, Random Abstract, 2015

xadu - random abstractXadu is a new project involving 2 already familiar names from the Moonjune Records roster: Xavi Reija (drums) and Dusan Jevtovic (guitar).  And I must say, if ever there was an album title that covers its contents well, than this must be the one.

Site regulars will already know that this are 2 players with exceptional skills. And this time they have managed to stretch even more borders if you ask me. Of course they are no stranger to each other, having worked closely on a number of releases already. This time they set out on the basis of melodic interplay and rhythmic complexity without losing the improvisational nature of making music. So no “connecting the dots” but feeding off on each other’s work and constructing and de-constructing structures. Sounds complex? It is!

Well, that is to say, with these players one can expect that songs are showcases of skill and ways to redefine what a song is. Soundscapes, noise or loops, all that helps build the vehicle at hand, is used to its maximum. Especially the first few songs turns out to be really demanding and not suited for casual listening. Decaying Sky partially profits from a recognisable loop. New Pop is a showcase for how beautiful a Fender guitar can sound. Even if sometimes blurred with effects. The second half of the album features more songs that are easier to grasp by the way, so take that in mind when listening.

Definitely a slow grower, but then again, we wouldn’t expect anything less from these guys!

Websites: Xavi Dusan