Xavi Reija Trio, Dreamscape Room, 2020

xavi reija - dreamscape roomSpanish drummer extraordinaire Xavi Reija is back and for this journey has brought along composer and pianist José Carra and bass player José Manuel Posada. All of them have a lengthy career in jazz and are masters at their respective instrument of choice.

So with that pedigree there is always a bit of a worry that they will serve the listener a home-brew of improvisations and highly abstract work. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that does tend to ask a lot of any unsuspecting listener.
Well, no worries in this case as the trio have come up with 8 tracks that have the ability to speak to a lot of people. And the best thing is that you do not have to like jazz to be able to connect to this album. Because even when the 3 musicians all have opportunities to shine, what shines the most is the dreamy atmosphere throughout the 41 minutes of music on this disc. Intricate melodies where sometimes the playing is so delicate, you fear something is about to break. But all done so well that it warms the heart and soul.

For me a highlight in the career of Xavi so far, and an album that I will revisit from time to time. Absolutely beautiful.